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Why Us?

  1. You'll be investing into yourself! Also, you will receive peace of mind knowing that we've got you covered!

  2. With our expertise and business connections, we are able to research and provide items you may not have access to on a daily basis. Our preferred vendors are professional companies that we work with closely to provide your event with its necessities. 

  3. Do you have an idea but need it all to come together? Kashmere Productions takes your project seriously and we would love the opportunity to take your vision to the next level!

  4. Not only are we planning and/or coordinating your event, we are putting on a production. We pride ourselves in creating a grand experience for you and what better way to do that by showing you off? Let others see what we accomplished together!

  5. Everyone here believes in our vision, our mission and our clients. We are not "just another decor company", we are your trusted professionals bringing your vision to life with a Kashmere Production.

Call Us: 713-257-8118

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We're planning moments to remember, and your engagement and wedding day is that time to capture all special moments included in your special day. 

Special Events & Celebrations

Whether it's a Surprise Party, Corporate Celebration or Milestone Event, we have you covered with our special touch to each event bringing your celebration to life.

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Celebrating another year? From infants to adults, we handle special celebrations for any occasion, especially birthdays celebrating life in the most elegant way!

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